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We are Hastily Assembled Games, a small game development studio born out of a passion for game design, virtual reality, and science; and we believe that there is no better way to walk in VR than using your own two feet.

That is why our games are carefully crafted to make you forget the limitations of your playspace. There will be no teleportation, no artificial locomotion, and no sickness in our games—just boundless walking.

When a mysterious centuries old distress call is picked up by scavenging outlaws, the Cosmic Council calls upon you, their best secret agent, to investigate. Pursued by greedy treasure hunters, vile criminals and evil spies; you must race to the furthest reaches of the twin solar system and uncover the secrets of the Virtual Reality. ...

Tracy Laser  is an upcoming story-driven action-adventure game that is built from the ground up for room-scale VR and boundless walking.

About Us

We are Emmy and Thomas, two game developers committed to push VR gaming beyond the scientific state of the art. Together we have published peer-reviewed articles in many research areas—including visualization, perception, human-computer interaction, VR, statistics, and education. We now use this academic insight to bring you new and unique gameplay experiences.

Emmy Förster

Emmy is passionate about science, coding and making games. She has three bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees, including computer science and mathematics, and has published research in both fields. She has received multiple scholarships, including Google's Women Techmakers Scholarship for her commitment to bring young women into computer science. She is also incredibly prone to VR sickness and makes sure that our games are free of it.

Thomas Löwe

Thomas was always an eager game modder and got his master's degree in computer science mostly as a means to pursue game development. Somewhere along the way, however, he fell in love with science and became a researcher in the fields of visualization and human-computer interaction. When the VR renaissance fused his research area with gaming, he decided to use his powers for evil and become a game developer.

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