A room-scale VR action game in which you naturally walk everywhere on your own feet, right in your living room.

There is no artificial locomotion, no teleport, and no motion sickness.

The Plot

Step into the role of a retired secret agent: You have settled into a quiet life—running a rusty hover freighter on the remotest planet of the twin solar system—but when a mysterious centuries old distress call is picked up by scavenging outlaws, the Cosmic Council calls upon you once more...

Your Hover Ship

She wasn't built for a fight, but she's all you got. Her autopilot will keep you on course, but you must keep her fuel tank full, her systems running, and her engine from catching fire again.

Manually install upgrades and weapon systems to turn her from a rusty hover freighter into a powerful warship, and face an ancient robot army...

Redirected Walking

Your ship will take you to far away places. Disembark and explore scavenger hideouts, mining outposts, ancient ruins, and more...

Walk everywhere on your own feet and experience the immersion of playing in a warehouse-sized playspace, right in your living room on only 2.5m x 2m (8'2" x 6'5").